Freed-Hardeman University

I attended a private CHRISTIAN university. Yes, you read that correctly. Not just a university that masks itself as being based on biblical principals, but one that aligns itself with one of the most conservative sects of religion in this day and age. I was completely astounded at the amount of liberal agenda that was not only being tolerated, but promoted. But, then, I had an epiphany. Of course a private, Christian school would be drowned in propaganda. A solid 90% of the student body attended public schools, which are government funded, and therefore founded on liberal principals. I was a self-proclaimed liberal in high school, simply because for 8 hrs. a day, 5 days a week, I was eating, sleeping and breathing the left’s agenda. Moral of the story: until public schooling stops pushing the crap, every campus in the US is going to be a liberal campus.

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