Iowa State University – Guest Speaker

Education is mostly made up of liberal teachers, so being in the teacher ed. program is tough. I have to take this mandatory orientation to the major class. We have speakers almost every week preparing us for the professional teaching world. One lady came in and spoke about diversity. There is nothing wrong with diversity. I believe in respecting one another, of course. BUT, she showed us a disturbing video as part of her presentation. It had two representatives in the education world, one liberal and one conservative. The argument was gender identity in the classroom. Keep in mind this is elementary we are talking about here. The speaker ever so obviously sided with the liberal point of view in that gender identity expression should be taught in the classroom by the teacher. One of the disturbing examples the conservative pointed out was that a teacher was t elling her 5 and 6 year olds that it’s ok for boys to wear nail polish. That is just plain extreme. Not only is it encouraging and exposing these poor children at a young age, but this is just out of their place. Respect should be taught in classrooms, NOT this.

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