Wellesley College – Professor K

Sitting in a biology seminar on public writing, students were asked to write Op-ed pieces on topics related to the environment or to ecology. All students took a liberal point of view. In order to critique the writing, the Professor asked us to think in a “big business, Conservative” mindset in order to play devil’s advocate, which led to students joking about putting on their “Republican hats” and smirking at how ridiculous it must be to think like a Republican. I made comments in support of large corporations (i.e. you cannot point-blank shut down an entire pesticide corporation based on data that may or may not point back to pesticides as the negative stimulus to this issue) and was looked at with curious eyes from my peers-they never guessed anyone at the school could hold conservative ideals.

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Northeastern University – Professor Richard Swasey

In 2012 I took Intro to Finance with Richard Swasey. One day in discussion about the national debt, he says “the only way to fix this country’s national debt is to raise taxes.” I raised my hand and asked about cutting spending, and he looked at me like I had a second head. Throughout the remaining semester I made a point of making conservative remarks in class every day about the economy, while the rest of the class didn’t even participate. He ended up giving me an awful participation grade, resulting in a C for the course.

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