Chatham University – Professor Gray

At Chatham, we have to take mandatory mission classes (2 Environmental, 2 Global and 2 Women’s centered classes). I took Ethics and Women’s Issues with Dr. Gray and before every class, we would have to read articles to discuss. After reading countless liberal-biased articles all semester, one article clearly stated “Conservatives are responsible for oppression to women.” When I politely brought up in discussion that the statement is false (using strong right wing women politicians as examples to counter the claim) I was immediately ambushed by many students arguing “right wing politics is, in fact, oppression to women” very rudely. Dr. Gray then proceeded to add his own view point bringing up the “debilitating pay wage gap” I had given my respect and kept my mouth shut all semester long listening to their crazy “women are oppressed”, “women are victims” claim s. I have a duty to speak up (politely, yet firmly), because my right wing views need to be heard, even when i am the only conservative in the room.

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