Central Michigan University – Student Body

Our school newspaper is notoriously liberal, although only conservative students are the ones to notice. Anytime the College Republicans do something or have an event, our newspaper fails to cover it, or they misquote us. For example, every year on 9/11 we place an American Flag for every person who died in the terrorist attacks. We contacted the school newspaper and gave them a press release and asked them to publish it in the newspaper. Weeks passed and it never got published. They finally replied by saying “your story just isn’t a priority”. Fast forward to next semester and they publish an article slamming the College Republicans for not doing anything on campus. The article stated that the only reason they are a liberal newspaper is simply because the other side never shares their opinion. The worst part was that the student body didn’t hear our side of the story so they believed the newspaper. Our twittered was blowing up with negative comments from all these students because “we don’t do anything”…


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