Central Washington University

My college republican chapter had posters advertising our latest meeting approved by the school. We had every single poster stamped with the seal of school approval (literally!). Our posters asked students “Should the media be able to mock religion?”, as a response to the “Je Suis Charlie” movement. They showed the magazine cover of Mohammed holding the “Je Suis Charlie” sign with what translates to “all is forgiven,” Charlie Hedbo’s response to the attacks. We walked all over campus hanging up posters on wednesday. Then I walk out of my political science class on Friday to see all the posters missing, only to discover that the posters were now missing all over campus. My college has a strict rule about not taking down posters, my college republican group also has a strict respect policy. We require members to be polite to all and not personally put down or d isrespect others views. Republicans get a lot of criticism for being hateful, sexist, racist, ect. but who’s really being hateful here?

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