Fitchburg State Univeristy – Professor Rhonda D. Evans

Couldn’t really point to a select example. Being in her Introduction to Sociology Class was morally taxing. Can’t really feel like I am doing the right the Lord intended for me to do when I forced to lie to keep my grades in the good state that they are currently. I have to fake it as a communist, talking like one and writing like one. I keep my head down all the time and have to admire the U.S. Army Veteran and U.S. Marine-Reservist who fight the teacher at every point, defending the constitution and western civilization’s values. However, its sad that the U.S. Army Veteran is being swayed to the Professor’s indoctrination while the Marine stands firm. The experiment data and research presented are often false or otherwise ignore the scientific method all together. All discussions tie back to the central theme of the wealthy, white, republican, racist, class controlling the wealth, media and politics of this country. The class serves only to demagogue the values of the Republican Party and further lull its students into socialist thought with factual basis. It intimidates those who chose to present other arguments or contrary evidence. I didn’t want to think my university could suffer the same sad fate of others, but it has unfortunately done so. The worst about this class is that its non-negotiable and is mandatory for my communications degree in film and video production, as it is for all other degrees. Conservative artists, writers and so on beware, for there is another hurdle to leap over in your pursuit of being the next Clint Eastwood.

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